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The Chaos is one of the two Alignments in ExperienceRO. The Chaos represents Evil.

After choosing your alignment, you can choose a Devotion during WoE after reaching PvP [Lv:30], after which you can choose to devote yourself to either Hel the Infernal (magical) or Loki the Mischevious (physical).

It is unlike The Order whereby you are/have been given quite an array of options to choose from. The Chaos is one-tracked, and all you look forward to is you 'level-up' your ranks in The Chaos. How you level is by offering skull sacrifices to Hel.


Sign of 'The Chaos' is a charm obtained in Chapter 6 after declining The Order from Valkyrie and accepting The Chaos from Wish Maiden.

[ Char Bound ]

An unusual sign obtained from 'Wish Maiden'

  • +5% Dark (Shadow) Resist
  • +5% Undead Resist
  • +10% Fire Resist

Skull Points

[Level 1: >0]

  • +50 to all Stats.

[Level 2: >2,500]

  • Max HP + 50%
  • Max SP + 50%

[Level 3: >5,000]

  • Critical + 20%
  • -20% Critical Shield%

[Level 4: >7,500]

  • Flee +20%
  • -20% Seeking

[Level 5: >10,000]

  • -50% SOFT DEF
  • +10% damage from all races.

[Level 6: >12,500]

[Level 7: >15,000]

  • +50% damage to Holy monsters.
  • -25% Holy Resistance