Nidhoggr's Revenge is a customized dragon MvP that can be summoned in Eden Dungeon [Lv:3]. She can be summoned by killing 100-200 mobs in her map.

She will try to strip all of her opponents' equipment at around 50% HP. This can be prevented by using Full Chemical Protection, although the skill does not protect accessories.

She changes her element to Poison at around 25% HP, so you should either change your ammunition or use an elemental converter on your character.

There are two 'regular' versions of her in the map. There is a regular time-spawned version that leaves a tomb after its killed. This version does not complete the quest marker, but shares the same monster ID and drops as the summoned version.

The summoned version is the one that is needed for Chapter 1, and has brackets around her name, like so: [ Nidhoggr's Revenge ]. When she is summoned, there will be a map-wide message saying:

"*Sniff* Human!"
"Where are you?"
After you kill the summoned version, there will be a server-wide announcement saying:
"General Van Handel: The brave 'player name' has killed Nidhoggr's Revenge!"
The summoned Nidhogg'rs Revenge does not leave a tomb. After you kill her, you will be warped to General Van Handel a few seconds later.

WARNING: Your character will be locked out of Eden Dungeon after killing the summoned version of Nidhoggr's Revenge 7 times. If you still haven't killed the summoned Firefox 7 times already, the portal will take you directly to Bastion instead.

Countering Nidhoggr's Revenge

To survive Nidhoggr's Revenge, you will need 100 MDEF and 100% Water and Fire resistances. Also, use Full Chemical Protection at all times (this applies to all custom MvPs). Use the @whereis commmand to find the maps where monsters are spawned (example: @whereis gibbet)

MDEF cards:

Water cards:

Fire Resistance:

You can use Seeking Bishop Hat (from Pandora's Headgears) for its seeking attack. Seeking attack is a type of attack that never misses its target when performing physical skills. The higher your seeking attack, the less you will miss.

You can also use Ifrit's Ears of Seeking, but as it replaces your middle headgear, you will not be able to use Full Chemical Protection with it equipped. Only use this if you are confident in your ability to keep switching equipment.

As she changes her element to Poison at around 25% HP, you could try to use the holy element against her. You can use a Holy Armor Scroll, Holy Arrow, or Silver Bullet.