Monsters, including MvPs and other bosses, are free for all, so kill-stealing is allowed in ExperienceRO.

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Eden Dungeon is a three-level dungeon full of customized dragons. On the first level, you can find Petite and Deleter. On the second and third levels, there are Ferus, Acidus, and Hydro. The third level also has Nidhoggr's Revenge, a dragon MvP that must be summoned by killing 100-200 mobs in the third level. Note that all these monsters are customized and are much stronger than regular mobs.

The first and second levels are not very good farming spots (Gold Coin, for instance, has very little value). It is recommended that players farm Gold, Mithril Coins, and Pandora's Headgears in the third level.

The portal to Eden Dungeon (moonhaven 240 130) can be accessed by taking the quest "Chapter 1: Nidhoggr's Revenge" from Sophia, learning about General Van Handel's wife. This is a quest requirement in Chapter 1.

WARNING: Your character will be locked out of Eden Dungeon after killing the summoned version of Nidhoggr's Revenge 7 times. If you still haven't killed the summoned Firefox 7 times already, the portal will take you directly to Bastion instead.


To survive the mobs in Eden Dungeon, you will need 100 MDEF and 100% Neutral resistance.

To survive Nidhoggr's Revenge, you will need 100 MDEF and 100% Water and Fire resistances. Also, use Full Chemical Protection at all times (this applies to all custom MvPs).

Finding Your Way

Make sure to have /effects on before entering the map in order to be able to see the portal effects. The portal to Eden Dungeon is by moonhaven 240 130

Level 1 to Level 2

Follow the yellow star marked on the upper-left side of the map to the portal that will take you to [Lv:2].

Eden dun01 01
Eden dun01 02

Level 2 to Level 3

The portal to Level 3 is at the upper-middle area of the map.

Eden dun02 01
Eden dun02 02

Level 3 to Bastion

There is a 'secret' portal in the bottom half of the map. This portal will take you to Bastion, where you can talk to a Solider that will warp you to Eclage Dungeon.

Eden dun03 01
Eden dun03 02