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Path Set

Main article: Divergent Set

PvP; revolves around FLEE.


Perfect Dodge (PD) is capped at 70%

Q) Where can I find my PD?

In your Status window (Alt+A), find Flee. It should look like xxxx + yy. The 'yy' part is your PD.

Training Approach

Divergent trains by being adept at avoiding monsters on specially designed maps called 'Trials of a Divergent'. The Trials consist of three (3) map levels, and at each map level you have to reach to the other portal without dying, and/or killing any of the monster on the map.

  • Passing level 1 of the Trials, you'll be awarded with a random 10,000 to 20,000 points.
  • Passing level 2 of the Trials, you'll be awarded with a random 20,000 to 30,000 points.
  • Passing level 3 of the Trials, you'll be awarded with a random 30,000 to 50,000 points.


Lucina: moonhaven (@jump 295 135). Do note that you'll only start getting your respective Path points after talking to your Path's Mentor.


Seals are ingredients used to make items at the Divergent Keeper.

You will get either a Seal of Reflexes or a Seal of Skilfulness at every 1,000,000 points (at a 50/50 chance). The Seals also correspond to the number of Seals you have in your inventory. Let's say you're at 2,000,000 points, but you have 2 Seals in your inventory somehow, your next Seal will only be given to you at 3,000,000 points.


The Divergent Keeper (moonhaven 258 206) is found at the right side of moonhaven, where all the automated event NPCs are located.


Pinnacle: 20,000,000 'Divergent' points.